Eight Things that Will Make Me Instantly Read a Book

April 18, 2017     Michelle     Top Ten Tuesday

I am a tried and true fantasy addict. And while I do venture beyond the realms of fantasy on occasion, I always come back to my niche right away. What can I say? I like insanely creative impossible things.

But that doesn’t mean that all fantasy books are things I will read. In fact, I’m quite picky about my books. There are a few topics, however, that will make me pick up a book even if I’m skeptical about the quality. These topics are almost always worth giving a shot:

Time travel

I LOVE me some time travel. Bending the rules of reality is just so much fun! In fact … I wrote a whole post on the topic! Check out some common themes in books about time travel.

Parallel worlds

Along the same lines as time travel, parallel worlds have always intrigued me. Their structure fascinates me as a math student, but their endless possibilities fascinate me as a reader/writer. I wrote a whole post on this topic too! Here are some important things to know about parallel worlds and how they work.


Not the religious, burn in hell kind of demons. More the “I’m a morally grey character who isn’t ashamed of a bit of manipulation and mind games” kind of demon. Like the Kara Gillian series, or the Morgan Kingsley series.


If anyone describes a fantasy book as “dark” in some way or form, I’m likely to be intrigued. I’m not entirely sure what that says about me. But I try not to think too much about it.


Ok, so it’s no secret that I’m enthralled by assassin books. I haven’t read nearly as many as I would like, but I can hardly resist picking up a book when I notice that it has assassins. Check out some of my favorite stabby stab books here!


I think I’m attracted to the fae for the same reason I like reading about demons — they’re clever, trickstery, and often morally grey. Read about some of my favorite characteristics of the fae!


Are you picking up on a theme? Seriously, sometimes I wonder about my sanity. I don’t necessarily mean death as in people dying, although that’s fun too. Rather, I really enjoy creative takes on reapers. Although I’ve discovered that I’m extremely picky about them.


Okay, so this is only really on my list because of Six of Crows. But can you blame me?! I am NOW absolutely obsessed with heist books — yay!

  • OMG THIS LIST IS ACTUALLY LIFE. Honestly I am like nodding to sooo many of these. Except time travel because it always does my head in.😂 But heists!! Dark fantasy!! Stabbing!! Demons!! AHHHH ALL MY FAVOURITE THINGS. Preferably all combined in the one book.😂

    • Michelle

      I KNOW, RIGHT?! All these dark and terrible things combined into one book is THE BEST. That’s why when I write I tend to do that. Heh. Heheh. I totally get what you mean about time travel though — I personally like having “my head done in” if it’s done right but I can see how it might be off-putting.

  • I totally just grabbed a book from NG because it’s about parallel worlds, and I couldn’t resist! And yes, I also question my sanity every time all the talk about how dark a book is makes me want to read it lol.

    • Michelle

      Right?! The fact that dark = happy Michelle is probably kind of weird. And I never know what to say when non-readers/writers ask what my favorite kind of book is. Especially when they don’t just accept “fantasy” as an answer. I hope you like your recent find! 😀

  • Parallel worlds suck me in every single time!! (I love lots of the others too, but there’s something about parallel worlds that I especially love.)

    • Michelle

      They just open the door to incredible feats of creativity! That’s what I love most about them 🙂