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March 15, 2017     Michelle     Beautiful People

Welcome to another edition of Beautiful People, hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury & Sky @ Further Up & Further In. They host this awesome monthly feature wherein we explore our lovely characters in our WIPs. Hop on over to either of their posts for this month to join in! 😀

Hello everyone

I’ve been doing an awful lot of focus on Razken lately, but in getting ready for Camp NaNoWriMo in April, I figure it’s time to start returning to Taylin, who is my actual main character in the book I’ll be working on next month: The Demon’s Assassin.

You can read the (poorly written for now) blurb here.


And now … the Q&A:

Favorite Book/Movie/Play …

Well, for starters, Taylin is from a world that hasn’t quite gotten around to movies yet, so those are out. She grew up in a very small town in the middle of nowhere, so she didn’t have a ton of access to various forms of entertainment.

But when she was roughly nine or ten, a travelling circus stayed for a couple of nights in their village on their way to the capital. Taylin was so enamoured by the performances of the tumblers that she hunted them down when they were done performing and convinced them to teach her the basics. After they left, she practiced constantly for weeks, and even now will attempt a random trick or two whenever she jumps down from a tree or something.

Any regrets?

Taylin has a rule to not look back bitterly on past decisions — her father believed such thinking made people bitter, and for the most part, Taylin agrees with him. But she has had inklings of regret about signing the contract with Razken. It’s gotten her into a world of trouble, but no matter how much she thinks about it, she hasn’t convinced herself that she should have made a different decision.

If they were sick or wounded, who would care for them?

Her cousin, Darren, is a professional doctor! So that one’s easy. He actually plays a fairly prominent role The Demon’s Assassin, and, ironically, he’s the reason Taylin is formerly introduced to Razken in the first place.

An object she can’t bear to part with …

Her father’s knife is always at her hip. He was a butcher, and he used that knife to teach her everything she needed to know to survive if something happened. It wasn’t the right knife for everything, of course, but it would do in a pinch.

When her father died and she was compelled to move, it was pretty much the only thing from her prior life she brought with her.

5 ways to win her heart / friendship:

  • Knowing interesting random facts about interesting random things
  • Being able to call her out when she’s hiding in the shadows or playing a role
  • Humor — she doesn’t laugh easily, but she enjoys doing it
  • Dancing — most of her tumbling is very one-person-only, but she LOVES moving in general, and good dancers are a must
  • Respecting her independence — nothing will push her away faster than trying to take care of her when she doesn’t want you to

Her typical attire:

Before meeting Razken, she mostly dressed in pale/faded blues and browns that were common in her village. After meeting Razken, she started wearing a LOT of black and grey (survival tactic). And then, when she starts posing as part of his household, she starts wearing very vibrant blue, red, and green dresses. Primary colors. Razken likes her to stand out without looking too garish.

Favorite type of weather:

She really likes dark and gloomy days because she feels she can slip away unnoticed so much more easily. But her favorite time of day is dusk, and that’s best when it’s clear enough out that she can watch the shadows meet the sun.

Worst fight she’s ever been in:

Before meeting Razken, she hadn’t really been in any fights. After that, her worst fight was probably with Razken. Not physically, because he would never harm her (she’s a great asset), but emotionally.


She mostly goes by Taylin, but her friends and family have been known to shorten it to Tay or Tay Tay. There was a boy in the village where she grew up who insisted on calling her Lin, and she now can’t stand that nickname.

In the second half of The Demon’s Assassin, she goes by Elsa, and something about that name feels natural to her, even if the role she’s playing doesn’t.

What makes her heart feel alive?

Using her magic. She didn’t even know she was doing anything magical when she was younger, but once Razken pointed it out and started training her, there was nothing in the world that could give her the same feeling of euphoria. It just makes her feel so alive, as if every time she uses it, she awakens something forgotten inside of her.

  • Ooh I love her name. Taylin, and then Tay, sounds so nice. I really like the detail about her father’s knife, and it not being the ‘right’ knife for everything but better than nothing.

    • Michelle

      Thanks! Taylin is a character who’s bounced around in my head on and off for over a decade by now (which is terrifying to say), and I’ve just never USED her. For this particular book, I even tried to give her a different name in the first draft, but it just didn’t stick. So we’re back to Taylin 🙂 It just feels right! And the knife bit … That’s a new detail I didn’t know until writing this post! Woo hoo!

  • Ooh I loved this and meeting Taylin! (Who has an epic name I might add!😍) And I love her 5 things to win her heart/friendship too…aaand that she always carries a knife. Excellent. Just the kind of character I love reading about. 😂

    Thanks for joining in the linkup!!

    • Michelle

      Thanks! She just needs to develop a bit of sass/snark, and I think she’d have all of your favorite characteristics based on your reviews, lol. Unfortunately, for now at least, she’s still a bit timid. But that will change as we get further along! 😀

      Thanks for HOSTING the linkup! These questions always get me thinking more about my characters and their backgrounds in a VERY helpful way!

  • That is a great name. Also, she sounds really interesting. This is a great post about your character!

    • Michelle

      Thank you! She’s been so much fun to write 🙂