Lost Truth (Truth #4) by Dawn Cook [Review from the Archives]

April 26, 2017     Michelle     Book Reviews

Lost Truth (Truth #4) by Dawn Cook [Review from the Archives]Lost Truth by Dawn Cook
Narrator: Marguerite Gavin
Series: Truth #4
Published by Ace Books on November 30th 2004
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Pages: 368
Format: Audiobook
Series Rating:

Fourth in the sensational series featuring Alissa, a young student of magic whose rebellious nature puts her life in danger.

Alissa is steadily advancing in her magical studies with the last surviving Master at the legendary Hold. But she's haunted by dreams--dreams revealing that other Masters have survived...

Alissa's dreams lead her to a distant island, where she and a rescue party discover countless Masters, alive and part of a flourishing magical society. But instead of being welcomed, Alissa finds that she herself may need to be rescued. The Masters' leader, Keribdis, believes that she should be Alissa's teacher, whether Alissa likes it or not. And when Alissa rebels, she endangers not only her magic, but also her life...

As this is a quartet of books that I listened to back-to-back, I’m keeping my reviews in a format designed to highlight developments in each of four categories: plot, pacing, world, and characters. In each of these categories, I’ll only be discussing what’s relevant to that specific book, so as to keep these from being too redundant.


This book is focused around the final mystery that was posed in the original installment: what happened to the rest of the Masters end up? Turns out that Alissa is able to find them, and everyone sets out on a journey to go help them find their way back to the Hold. There’s a BUNCH of conflict that needs to be overcome in the process, but that delves far too deep into spoiler territory to discuss — suffice to say that there’s one person in particular that does NOT like Alissa.


As with the third book, we’re moving at a pretty good clip in this one. We’re done with the majority of the character-development and world-development, and the focus really is on the plot with this one. That’s not to say that the character and world development has slowed down — indeed, they were still adding a sense of movement too.


The world has completely opened up to us in this book, and we get to finally see not only the coast, but also well beyond into largely-uncharted waters while trying to find the Masters. It’s also really interesting to see the dynamic of the Masters that have been stuck away from the Hold and learn how much the demographic landscape of the world seems to have changed from when they ruled the Hold.


Agh! Things have come to a head in the love triangle. I am sad 🙁

I think Connen-Neute is now my favorite character — he’s just soooo … steady. And I love how he’s simultaneously scared shitless of his former Master and willing to stand up for Alissa. He’s adorable (a description that I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate).

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