Mini-Hiatus / Reduced Blog Activity

April 30, 2017     Michelle     Sunday Post

I’m going to take a bit of break from blogging for a time. I thoroughly enjoy it, of course, but things have gotten a bit more difficult to manage lately.

I’ve recently been re-assigned to a temporary role at work, in addition to my usual tasks. Overall, I quite like this new assignment, but it means I am demonstrably more busy than I had been previously. And because I can’t stay late at work on account of needing to be on “Mom” duty in the afternoons (my husband works evenings), I’ve ended up wrapping up my daily assignments during what is typically my blogging time.

And with the weather warming up, weekends have been pretty dedicated to yard work and other more active hobbies than writing/blogging.

So I’ll be around a bit, but nowhere near a “full-time” blogging capacity. Comment responses will be extremely delayed, and new posts will trickle. I’ve got several posts still scheduled in advance, and I’ll still try to keep up on book reviews as I’m reading them. But no promises.

I don’t know how long this will last. If this temporary assignment becomes something more permanent / prolonged, I’m sure I’ll settle into a new rhythm. But until then, please bear with my random MIA status.



  • Enjoy your break, Michelle! It’s definitely good to carve some time out for yourself to spend outside, now that the weather is getting nicer. ^_^

  • It’s good to take some out for yourself Michelle 🙂 What with the extra work, keeping up with blogging would be so stressful! I hope you enjoy the work and have fun on weekends 🙂