My Writing in Progress

Demon’s Assassin (The Shadow Assassin #1)

Forced to leave her home town and move in with her aunt in a neihboring country, Taylin fully expects life to go on like normal. But when she has a strange encounter in the woods, everything changes. She possesses a unique affinity toward the shadows, and the mysterious stranger isn’t all that he seems. Soon Taylin finds herself bound to this demon’s service and learning skills she never dreamed of having. And caught up in a world of politics where she doesn’t quite fit in.

A cryptic demon. A charming prince. A world of shadows. How will Taylin carve out a place for herself in this new world of magic and wonder?

<Pitch in progress>

The Making of a Demon (The Shadow Assassin #0.5)

Razken wants nothing more than to get back at his father for ruining his inheritance. The man was mad. Why else would he burn down half of his empire? But when he makes a deal to reset time to before his father did the damage, he finds himself a bit further back than he anticipated. Now he must build his Empire from scratch. He has the lessons learned from his father’s Empire to work with, but none of the support.

<Pitch in progress>

The Shadow Assassin World Map

Take a sneak peak at the world I’m working with for The Shadow Assassin series.

Learn more about how I created and used this map here.